School Engagement Plan

Multicultural Advisory Committee

School Engagement Plan 

supports the Davis School District mission of engaging all staff, students, parents, and community members in a discrimination- and harassment-free learning environment that promotes belonging and inclusion. This document will outline the vision we have to engage each of these groups throughout the 2023-2024 school year. 




Action Steps 



Progress/Success Measures 


Build understanding around processes and policy related to 11IR-100 and 5S-202. 

Presentation of harassment and discrimination to all students conducted by the administration. 

Present to all students in two assemblies 


August 18th 

Completed.  Measured by students accepting their electronic documents in myDSD. 


Engage students in regular activities that promote belonging and inclusion. 

Students are given weekly Shark Skills in their Sharktime class. 






Present Shark Skill during the first 25 minutes of their Shark time class. 


Throughout the year. 

Students have bell ringers and prompts to respond to at the beginning of class that are connected to the Shark Skill. 


Increase classroom engagement using inclusive learning strategies. 

-Differentiated instruction. 

-Collaborative learning. 

-Sensory supports 

-Regular assessment and feedback. 

-Self-paced learning. 

-Access to learning 24/7 


Teachers collaborate weekly during their PLCs to implement inclusive learning strategies 

Administration and teachers 

Throughout the year.  Ongoing. 

The use of the Evaluate Davis System to monitor the use of inclusive learning strategies.  








Parents & Community 

Build understanding around processes and policy related to 11IR-100 and 5S-202 

Presentation to parents at parent-teacher conferences and input from the Community Council.  

During parent-teacher conferences on September 20th 



September 20th 


Attendance taken 




Create a space for parents & families to engage in the school environment and build relationships with staff members. 

-Community Council 


-MAC- Cultural Community Night 

-Monthly Community Council meetings. 


-Monthly PTA meetings. 


-Plan a spring cultural community night to increase inclusiveness and build relationships with the community 

Administration and teachers 

April 2024 

Monthly planning with MAC. Success will be measured by attendance at the activity. 


Partner and connect with parents to support student learning 

Community members present to students in our career fair and administer mock interviews 

Career fair:  

The counseling department brings in occupations from the community to present to students. 

Mock Interviews: 

Businesses from the community and parents are invited to conduct MOCK interviews with students.  



Counseling Department 

Spring Career Fair: 

May 2024 


Mock interviews: 

May 2024 

Career Fair: Attendance by students and parents/community partners. 


MOCK interviews: Attendance by students and parents/community partners.  


Create a space for community members (without students) to learn about school belonging and inclusion efforts. 

Create a parent group to give input on progress our inclusion efforts. 

-Build a team 

-Meet quarterly 

-Provide input to our MAC agenda and activities. 


Nov 2023 


Meeting Minutes