Principal Message

Tj Barker

Principal TJ Barker 


Welcome to Shoreline Junior High School!  Below is a vision we have been building to create an amazing place to go to school.  Please come and help make this vision a reality!

TJ Barker
Shoreline Junior High Principal 

Establishing & Maintaining a Learning Environment
Shoreline Junior High provides an inviting, and welcoming climate for all students.  For students to be successful, they need to feel safe, and be safe, both physically and emotionally.  This climate is foundational to establishing an excellent learning environment.  Shoreline has a SHARK Code of Conduct which articulates the vision of safety, and behavior throughout the school. The Shark Code will help govern the actions of all and be explicitly taught, posted, and positively reinforced.  


Staff Qualities and Characteristics
To establish an excellent learning environment, we hired the greatest candidates possible, a capable staff who care for, connect with, and expect success and achievement for all.  They are professional and passionate about the topics they teach, and able to draw out the best in each individual.  Shoreline screened for innovative-thinking educators who are ready to blend technology into the curriculum to personalize the education for every student. Teachers won’t not merely use technology as a substitute, but utilize it to engage and enhance the curriculum.  In addition, Shoreline will partner with the educational and business communities to help push beyond a 20th Century school model, and have students prepared to flourish in the 21st Century. 

Educators Teaming to Personalize Education
Teachers will work together, not just in the same zones, but genuinely collaborating to unpack standards, map curriculum, and create authentic means of measuring progress in order to aid every student in achieving his/her optimal learning level.  Teachers will team up to create a curriculum rich in literacy, and rich in relevant, engaging, and rigorous learning activities.  In addition, teachers will differentiate, and innovatively engineer blended learning environments to marry best practice with technology.   In order to meet the needs of the individual, learning is not constrained solely by the clock, the calendar, nor the classroom setting. Time and place are adjusted to meet the needs and pace of the learner. 

Engaging, Relevant, 21st Century Curriculum
Students will be actively engaged in personalized, real-world curriculum: exploring, formulating, collaborating, discovering, problem solving, creating, presenting, performing, refining and participating in meaningful reflection.  Students will complete purposeful activities and create authentic products worthy of their time and effort. They receive frequent feedback on growth, and closely monitor their own progress. Our gradebook will act as a virtual/digital scoreboard so that students, parents and teachers know the competency level of the student at any moment.  Shoreline will offer multiple opportunities for students to improve and equip them with “Growth Mindset” tools/skills so that they can meet learning obstacles and challenges with determination and resilience.

Campus Climate & Feel
The care and attention provided for the school grounds will continue to accent the beautiful architecture of Shoreline Junior High. It will be apparent that all stakeholders value and support a stewardship to keep this site in pristine condition, as this is a place of gathering for the community, and because it will be a reflection of the magic occurring inside the building. Peering into the school and individual classrooms, there will be signs of engagement, growth, and reflection, but there will also be celebration and smiles, as both teachers and students genuinely enjoy the learning process.  Shoreline will be a model school, an exemplary school.