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Standards-Based Grading

  • Things are coming along great, but it is a process and we appreciate your patience.  
  • All teachers at Shoreline Jr. High are committed to helping students reach their highest academic potential through grading focused solely on what students know and can do in each content area.
  • On the technical side, we’ve encountered some issues inputting scores in the system. We have now remedied these issues and encourage you as parents to communicate with teachers if there is an issue with grading.
  • If on your child’s Mydsd account, under grades, you notice a score of 1 out of 4 equating to 25%, or a score of 2 out of 4 equating to 50%, etc., please make the teacher aware so it can be corrected.
  • We have allocated time to meet with each teacher to ensure the grading system is being used properly, and to provide resources as we transition to Standards Based Grading.

Standards-Based Grading

First page of the PDF file: parentFAQ11SBG

Shark Time Info

First page of the PDF file: SHARKTIMEINTRO-Parents1

School Binders

First page of the PDF file: TheBindersystem

Student Planner

First page of the PDF file: Howtouseyourplanner

Reduced and Free Lunch Info

Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Prevention Resources

Internet Safety

DSD Internet Safety

Teacher/Parent/Student Resources for Internet Safety